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Why Should You Use WordPress for Your Site?

You already know that your business needs a mobile friendly website. Whether you’re creating your very first website, or are looking to revamp your business’s current site, WordPress is our favorite option. Here are a few reasons why:

1. WordPress is open source

Developers help each other improve sites and solve problems…meaning the platform is always improving. You can take a look at the WordPress theme repository or plugin directory to get an understanding of the size and brilliance on the WordPress community.

2. WordPress is really simple to learn

WordPress is really easy to pick up. If you’ve used Microsoft Word with success, you’re just minutes of training away from editing or creating your own web pages and blog posts.

3. WordPress is easy to keep up to date

Most hosting providers offer auto-update functionality, and WordPress itself provides one-click updates. The WordPress community does a great job of staying on top of security vulnerabilities and concerns.


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