The Client

Visualize is a global leader in implementing the ValueSelling Framework®, a formula-based sales process with decades of proven results in helping teams optimize how they engage, qualify, advance, and close opportunities.

The Problem

A strong desire to continue providing information and coaching to clients after workshops were completed, drove Visualize’s post-training campaign. While diligent in crafting blog posts and newsletters, Visualize saw more opportunity to provide extra value through the creation of an exclusive alumni community.

Creative80 has been instrumental in helping us provide added value to our customers long after our workshops are over. We’ve more than doubled the size of our Alumni community with their help, and have received tons of great feedback from our customers.

In addition to managing our community and content, Creative80 provides almost daily support in making sure we have the collateral materials and website maintenance we need for our business to run smoothly.

— Scott Anschuetz, Founder and CEO

The Challenges

Previous attempts to create a thriving alumni community continually surfaced several issues for Visualize, including:

  • Platforms that were often “disconnected” from a typical user’s normal routine. Requiring users to register and log into a separate platform was creating enough friction to discourage them from participating.
  • Lack of an organizable and easily navigable resource archive that allowed certain materials to be placed behind password protection.
  • No easy way to regulate who was invited and accepted into the group based on a predetermined set of qualifications.

The Solution

We helped Visualize develop a closed community on one of the platforms most frequently used by their target audience of sales professionals — LinkedIn. Allowing the users to check in with Visualize in the midst of their normal routine greatly increased the initial flow of traffic to the group. Strong content and resources offered on a consistent basis did the rest.

To resolve the other challenges, we also introduced a password protected portal to the Visualize website, where alumni could log in and download valuable resources, keeping them even more closely connected to Visualize. A pre-qualified set of client domains was pre-loaded into the group, keeping the maintenance of admin work to a minimum. Invitations to the group were added to pre and post workshop correspondence, encouraging participation when interest levels were at their highest.

The Result


Visualize more than doubled the amount of participants in the group, while activity levels rose by 25%, and client testimonials & feedback increased by 1/3.