AudioTheme is a small, independent team of designers, developers and musicians focused on creating and supporting professional, world-class WordPress themes for bands and musicians. Looking to grow their site’s blog and email newsletter, they enlisted Creative80’s help.

Anna has written several articles for the blog and newsletter, as well as having hosted a few different webinars.

Here are a few of the articles:


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What Qualifies Us to Write for AudioTheme?

Writing for AudioTheme gives Anna the chance to combine two of her favorite things: music and WordPress. Having played music for over 12 years and having worked with WordPress for over 8 years, gave Anna a unique insight to AudioTheme’s audience.

Creative80 has been a reliable partner in helping us grow our blog and email newsletter from the ground up. The ability to take in general ideas and direction from our team and turn them into valuable resource articles or webinars for our customers is a definite strength.

— Luke McDonald