Creative80 was founded by Anna DiTommaso in December of 2008. Since then, the firm has worked with clients all over the nation developing online and offline marketing strategies that drive bottom line results. Our main goal is to build a relationship with your business, and help you build relationships with your customers.

We believe that websites are tools that are only effective if they are designed to solve business challenges and deliver measurable results. Truly understanding our customers and their audience allows us to create items that say in seconds what your reputation says over a lifetime.

Anna DiTommaso

Owner / Creative Director

Founder of Creative80, Anna DiTommaso built the company from the ground up and believes that the key to her success has been cultivating real, meaningful relationships with clients.

Anna is a native Texan but spent her formative years in western Florida and also attended Campbell University in North Carolina. Anna is a huge Tampa Bay Rays fan and has visited all 30 of the active MLB ballparks. She also enjoys playing the guitar and has released two records which you can hear here.

Nicole Chastain

Director of Operations

Nicole serves as the Director of Operations; managing day-to-day business activities, providing administrative support and cultivating relationships with new and existing clients. A born-and-raised Texan, Nicole studied business marketing at the University of North Texas and previously worked in the corporate healthcare services industry. She brings with her a passion for design and a well of creativity.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys walking at White Rock Lake, exploring new cities and searching for the best margarita in Dallas.


Christine Brady

Christine Brady

Marketing & Copy

Stephanie Corbin

Stephanie Corbin

Graphic Design

Brad Herbert

Brad Herbert

Photography and Videography

Is Creative80 a good fit for your business?

We’re really glad you’re here. Our goal is to help you spread your message in the most effective and efficient way possible, while providing you with a pleasant experience and building a relationship with your business that is based on cooperation and collaboration. In order to do that, we think it’s very important that our clients know what to expect from us.

Here’s a list of standards you can hold us to:

  1. We will always stick to the timeline we included in the project plan. If the project scope changes, we will do our best to accommodate you, but we ask that you remain realistic in your expectations.
  2. We’ll return your attempts to contact us during regular business hours as soon as possible. You can always expect a response from us within 48 hours as a worst case scenario.
  3. Unless the project plan states otherwise, major changes are always completed within 7 business days, and minor changes are always completed within 3 business days.
  4. We look forward to building relationships with our customers, which means that we invest more time in learning about their businesses than most “off the shelf” design companies. Sometimes this means our projects take a bit longer or cost a bit more than other agencies. However, it’s this approach that gives Creative80 over an 85% repeat customer rate.
  5. We will “pause” a project that does not have clear direction, or is not following the project plan. Rather than continue down a wrong and often expensive path, we will back up and revisit main goals and objectives until we have a clear picture of what we’re trying to accomplish.